Hello, I’m Lisa

I am a practicing family law lawyer, having been called to the Ontario Bar in 1995. I am also an Associate Certified Coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation.

I became interested in and started doing limited scope legal work long before I knew what to call it.  In 2011, I began a rigorous certification program in professional coaching.  With more than 200 coaching hours under my belt, I recognized that I could apply many of the techniques and principles of coaching to the delivery of legal services.

I launched my new enterprise www.FamilyLawALaCarte.ca in January 2016 through which I offer limited scope and legal coaching services to family law consumers.   In 2017, I served as a senior advisor to the brilliant Nikki Gershbain, a Law Foundation Fellow (Ontario), who developed a legal coaching curriculum and training material for use in lawyer’s professional development work.  I now sit on the steering committee of the Family Law Limited Scope Services Project (Ontario) www.familylawlss.ca.

I created Legal Coach Training to share coaching tools and techniques with the legal profession.  We are a helping profession.  Let’s make a positive impact.